N2CAT Features and Benefits


At just 74 lbs., the N2CAT produces 11 scfh of nitrogen. That power-to-weight ratio makes the N2CAT 1.75 times more efficient than conventional, heavier, more expensive nitrogen generators.


The N2CAT is fast! The first plug-and-play nitrogen generator, the N2CAT installs in five minutes. That’s less time than it takes your bartender to take an order and deliver a refreshing drink to your customers.

Easy to Own

The N2CAT’s engineering delivers a nitrogen generator that works harder, lasts longer, and is easy to maintain. With filters that last an estimated two years, you’ll save money and worry less about costly nitrogen generator maintenance.

Easy to Ship

The N2CAT is easy to ship. No need to deal with costly pallet packaging and OTR and LTL carriers. The N2CAT is easily delivered by popular parcel shipping services.


The N2CAT can drive beer taps, wine taps, or nitro coffee taps, and any combination thereof. With three outputs and an onboard gas blender, the N2CAT is the most versatile and total package nitrogen generator available.

On-Demand Nitrogen

The N2CAT can operate in a continuous duty cycle. This means it can generate enough nitrogen to serve 4.5 kph, or 550 pints per hour. All day. Every day.


Restaurant floor space isn’t cheap. Luckily, the N2CAT doesn’t take up much room. At 16″ x 24″ x 9″, the N2CAT is approximately the size of a carry-on suitcase, and it can sit on the floor or mount to a wall.


Restaurant margins are thin, so it’s important to know the N2CAT keeps your money in your business. At less than half the cost of larger, less efficient nitrogen generators, the N2CAT is more cost-effective to own, operate, and ship.